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Big or small, every gift you give helps transform lives.

Our foodbank is run by local people for local people – we rely on the community’s support to ensure we can continue to stop people going hungry. Can you invest in the future of our project and help us provide much-needed support to people in crisis in our community?


Donate on Facebook

Click on the ‘Donate’ button on our Facebook page

You can make a donation (one-off or regular) or start a fundraiser

Thank you!


Donate using your online banking

Using your online banking, you can either make a one-off donation, or set up a standing order directly to our bank.

We believe in creating sustainable projects that have a lasting impact. Regular gifts enable us to plan ahead and commit to projects.

To donate online, you can make a single payment or set up a standing order using your own online banking, using the banking information in the standing order section of the ‘Friends of South-West Belfast foodbank’ leaflet/form.

You can Gift-Aid it by completing the online Gift-Aid form here, or printing and posting the paper Gift-Aid form here.

Please also email us that you have sent a donation or set up a standing order, so that we can send you a thank you letter/email (otherwise, we won’t know you did so, until we see our bank statements – even then the statements often don’t have enough contact details of those who have donated).

Thank you!


Donate by post


For one-off donations, please make cheques payable to: ‘CGCF South-West Belfast Foodbank’

If you would lke to set up regular giving by post, please download our standing order form, complete it, and post it to the address on the form.

If you would like to gift aid your one-off donation, please print and fill in the Gift-Aid form and enclose it with your cheque.

Thank you!


Become one of 200 ‘regular’ givers

Could you be one of 200 people to commit £5 a month or more to support our work?

We appreciate all the different ways that people support South-West Belfast foodbank, from donating food to volunteering, holding fundraising events, and one-off gifts.

Another amazing way of supporting us is to commit to being one of 200 people who give regularly to support the ongoing costs of the foodbank.

Your regular giving will provide emergency food and support local people in crisis.  It will also help us to budget effectively and demonstrate to other potential funders that our foodbank is sustainable.

To donate online, you can set up a standing order using your own online banking, using the information available in the ‘Friends of South-West Belfast foodbank’ leaflet/form.

To donate by post, print out the ‘Friends of South-West Belfast foodbank’ leaflet/form and post it to us, and we’ll do the rest. Or, email or ring us to request a form to be posted out to you.

If you are a UK tax payer, we can also claim an extra 25p with every £1 you donate at no extra cost to you.  You can Gift-Aid it by completing the online Gift-Aid form here, or printing and posting the paper Gift-Aid form here.

Thank you!


Donate online using JustGiving

Another way to donate is online through our donations page at JustGiving donations webpage.

You can make a one-off donation or a regular donation.

You can choose to Gift-Aid your donations through JustGiving too.

Thank you!


Sell on eBay for Charity

eBay for charity logo‘eBay for Charity’ is an easy way to support your favourite charities. Sellers can donate a percentage from any sale (10% to 100%) to a charity of their choice and add Gift Aid to their donations.

View our eBay charity profile, and then click on ‘Sell an item’, and Colin Glen Christian Fellowship will be the chosen charity near the bottom of the page with your item details. All donations received from eBay go 100% to the foodbank project.  Then, just choose the percentage of your proceeds you wish to donate, and sell the item as normal.  Thank you.


Start your own fundraising event/challenge

Start your own fundraising event/challenge to support the foodbank through a JustGiving fundraising page..  For example, marathon running sponsorship, or ice-bucket challenge.

All donations which are raised online will automatically go to the foodbank once the event/challenge is completed.  Thank you!



A single gift could secure someone’s future. Contact us to find out more.


Fundraise for us:

There are some helpful hints and ideas in our handy fundraising booklet.

Download your copy


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